Why Should I read the website?

The aim of this website is to encourage and expose talent hidden in cricketers, this site is intended to assist and help millions of budding cricketers across the country who are aspiring to achieve the greatest heights in cricket.

What is the purpose of this website?

This site is a conscious effort to guide people to make a career out of cricket, there are people with immense talent and they do not know the opportunities that are available in cricket, this site will serve as an eye opener to cricketers between the age group of 14 to 21 and this site will also guide the parents of the budding cricketers. In the nutshell the site will be a career guide site rather than a statistical website. We intend to hold lively interaction where professionals will be the guiding force for all youngsters.

News & Events

Big Vern reels in the big fish

Vernon Philander’s pitch map to Virat Kohli in the second innings of the Cape Town Test is a thing of a beauty. Philander bowled 13 balls to Kohli over two spells; all of them pitched outside off, not one was full enough to drive or short enough to cut. Nothing fuller than 6m from the stumps, nothing shorter than 8m. That’s not where the beauty ends.

India should rue fatal first day

If a face told you the story of India’s Test, it was Hardik Pandya’s. When he sprung up after getting hit in the midriff while batting in the first innings, he was defiant even though in pain. When in the field, he was all enthusiasm,